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If your dog is knotty or worse matted then one thing to AVOID is bathing or even so much as getting them wet. Water and shampoo both clog knots making them tighter. Please do not attempt to cut the matts out yourself with scissors as matts lay very close to the skin and in worst cases you could end up injuring your pooch and traumatising them of the grooming procedure.

IS MY DOG KNOTTY OR MATTED ?Knots are like tangles they form from the ends of the hair and brush out, you should be able to fit 2 fingers between the knot and your dogs skin.We see tangles most commonly in shihtzu's, Lhasa apso's and spaniels normally with a pre bath brush a good soak in conditioner and a blow dry with continuous brushing removes the tangles without causing discomfort to your pooch.

Matts are more solid feeling and lay very flush to the skin. Friction matts usually occur behind the ears ,armpits and groin area ,these mats can be clipped out discretely without notice . Without regular brushing and grooming matts can form on any part of your dogs body, They hide all kinds of nasties like ticks, fleas, thorns, burrs and twigs, which would hurt your dog every time it moves. They can constrict the circulation causing gangrene or get so tight they tear the skin. So in severe cases a total shave-down is the only option. Under the Animal Welfare Act 2010, we are not allowed to cause unnecessary suffering to an animal. Basically this means that if you bring in a dog with more than 30 minutes of dematting work, we are required by LAW to shave it down humanely or refer you to your vet to do the same. Although it is a shame to shave your dog, it is just hair and it will grow back


1. Brushing your dog will prevent matting

2. Remove tangles caused by collars , harnesses and long walks

3. Keep your dogs coat straight/fluffy or sleek between grooms

4. When brushing , your dogs coat will release its own natural oils taking away by bathing.

5. Brushing your dog can even remove things they pick up during there walks such as grass seeds, thorns, sticky balls and other debris !