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We offer a range of 'creative grooming' including permanent colouring ,temporary colouring ,stencils ,nail painting ,hair/tinsel and feather extensions ! I have attended a creative grooming seminar with some of the best groomers from America iv learnt anatomy of the skin and hair. I have been shown the correct and most importantly the safe way to creative grooming . It is a fun ,adorable extra to your dogs standard groom at the same time creative grooming isn't 'essential' and your dogs happiness and health is my top priority so if your pooch declines I will not proceed . iv never had a pooch decline as of yet :)

Permanent dyeing

This can only be done on WHITE dogs and skin must be in excellent condition. I will not use dyes on dogs with any kind of skin complaint. my dyes are completely safe for animals and contain no ammonia ,bleach or harmful chemicals . permanent dyes are conditioner or oil based and can last up to 6months depending what you have done ,how quick your dogs hair grows and how often they are bathed. I offer all over colour , ears + tail coloured ,leopard print and stencils . Patch test will be required 2 days prior to treatment

Temporary colour