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What would you do if you lost them???



*From April 2016 it will be a legal requirement for ALL dogs to be microchipped and contact details up to date

*Complete peace of mind for a lifetime

*Registration via petlog ,the largest uk pet database

*Essensial for your pet traveling abroad,

*If your pet is lost or stolen, dog wardens, police, vets and rescue centres can scan your pet and reunite you with each other !



TROVAN's new 8mm MINI chip with its NEW slender and shorter needle certainly has the WOW factor. Uses the same FDX-B 15 digit chip technology - just smaller! Ideal for small breeds and cats !

The New Microchipping Law in Brief

From the 6 of April 2016 all dogs kept by owners in England must be microchipped, and the microchip itself must be registered with one of the national databases. It will be the dog owner’s duty to keep the contact details on this database accurate and up-to-date. The law applies to all dogs aged 8 weeks or over, with the only valid exclusions being cases where a veterinarian has recommended against microchipping for health reasons.

We also microchip litters of puppies, please call us for more details